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  • Bariatric Surgery

    Obesity is a rapidly increasing problem throughout the Western world. Obesity causes both a lower self-esteem in the overweight and reduced opportunities to work both socially and in working life. In addition, there is an increased risk of a number of diseases - especially type 2 diabetes - and the life span is shortened.

  • Bone marrow Examination

    What is a bone marrow study? NEW on cancer treatment Dive into health-root's new magazine, 'UPDATE - Cancer'. Here you can read about immunotherapy and the invention of chemotherapy. READ HERE A bone marrow examination is a test of the bone marrow, which is taken from the hip bone comb with a special needle. The cells of the blood, both the red and white blood cells and the platelets, are all formed in the bone marrow.

  • Malnutrition and cancer

    What happens in the body when you have cancer? If you get cancer or other serious illness, the body's metabolism is in a form of alertness that is intended to help the body to overcome the disease. A serious cancer can lead to a change or increase in the body's nutrient turnover.

  • Consequences of obesity

    Overweight and obesity follow a number of genes and problems that are both physical, psychological, social, sexological and really of health significance. The psychological consequences of obesity Obesity in children can be a psychologically debilitating state of bullying, resulting in an unhappy childhood and upbringing.

  • In treatment with blood thinning medication - what should I keep an eye on?

    When you are taking blood-thinning medication, there may be a number of challenges and conditions that you should pay particular attention to. This is especially true if you are being treated with the medicines that have an 'anticoagulant', ie blood thinning effect. As described in the article Blood Taking Medication (AK Treatment), there are several types of AK treatment: The classic type called VKA treatment, which includes the preparations Warfarin Orion, Marevan, Waran and Marcoumar, which may be influenced by other medicines or the other food you eat

  • Turner syndrome

    What is Turner Syndrome? Turner syndrome is a genetic condition seen only in girls and women born with a missing or altered X chromosome. Chromosomes are found in all the cells of the body and contain genes. Genes contain specific instructions or codes for the body's appearance and functions; For example, there are genes that encode height and hair color.