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  • Adoption

    Article is under preparation and will be published as soon as possible Read more about infertility / FERTILITY TREATMENT Hard to be childless and in treatment A good life without children Everything on studies of male fertility All about studies of female fertility SEE LIST OF ALL ARTICLES ABOUT infertility / FERTILITY TREATMENT

  • Office work can get you down with your neck

    Many of us spend many hours in front of the computer every day and suffer from aches in the neck and shoulders. Often we do not notice that we overload our muscles before we get pain. Variation in posture and physical exercise is the way to both prevention and treatment of the pain. New & Healthy Newsletter - New knowledge about your health - This article is made for Health Insurance "Denmark".

  • Mental disorders

    Mental illnesses are characterized by special mental symptoms that significantly affect health, quality of life and social functioning. Symptoms can be very different. Psychoses In mental disorders (psychoses) hallucinations occur, ie abnormal sensory impressions of the visual, hearing, taste, touch, feelings and delusions, that is, beliefs that are inconsistent with reality or disorientation, where the ill do not know time or place and are unsure of their own personal circumstances.

  • Studies for rheumatoid arthritis

    What symptoms should you seek medical attention for? Swelling The most important symptom of all arthritis is swelling, and if a joint raises without having previously been injured, it should be examined by a doctor. If there is an unusual redness / redness of the joints or if there is a general condition or fever, talk to your doctor immediately.

  • You are not alone

    Every other man between 40 and 80 has trouble with the potency. But it's not something they're talking about and it takes too long before they do anything about it, even though almost all of the power problems can be addressed. New & Healthy Newsletter - New knowledge about your health - This article is made for Health Insurance "Denmark".

  • Yeast in the skin

    What is yeast in the skin? A skin infection caused by yeast, Candida albicans. Advertisement (Read on below) How do you get yeast in the skin? There are a variety of microorganisms on and in our body, including fungi. Some of them are useful to us. Others we live with until we get an infection, such as a yeast infection in the skin.