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  • Exercise and menopause

    Exercise and menopause If you regularly exercise exercise, you will often have fewer healing and sweating. Because physical activity itself increases body temperature, you train your body to better separate the heat. Exercise also has a healthy effect on hormone balance, which helps to suppress menopausal genes.

  • Young & Sorg

    Unprocessed grief adds to the soul "The time heals all sores", one says. But it is far from always that it does it by itself. If you are as young as a father or mother, or if one of them is seriously ill, one can not expect that sorrow just disappears by itself over time. If you try it anyway, it may leave so great scars that one's adult life is constantly affected by it.

  • Chemical peeling of the skin

    What is chemical peel? Peeling is a skin treatment with chemical solution or grinding. The chemical solution dissolves parts of the skin and stimulates the skin to restore new skin cells, basic substances and connective tissue in the skin. Chemical skin peeling has been used by dermatologists for more than 60 years and is one of the world's most widely used methods for skin renewal.

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (benign prostatic hyperplasia)

    What is benign enlargement of the bladder gland? The thyroid gland (prostate) is a gland the size of a chestnut. The gland is found only in men and is located under the bladder and encircles the entire urethra. The gland forms seminal fluid, which upon dissolution is mixed with the sperm from the testicles. With age, the gland can begin to grow, which happens to most men.

  • Chronic hives

    What are chronic hives? Chronic hives are a condition of nerves (swelling) in the skin, lasting more than six weeks. The swellings are pale and itchy and can occur daily on larger or smaller areas of the body. In severe cases there are deep swelling of subcutaneous and mucous membranes, which are also called angioedema.

  • Zika virus

    What is zika virus? Zika is a viral disease in the family with Yellow Fever, Dengue, and Japanese Cerebral Palsy. It is transmitted with the same mosquito (Myggearten A?des) as the three mentioned diseases. But unlike these diseases, zika virus often gives no or very few symptoms and is not dangerous to the infected person.