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  • Glossary

    Tolerance, tolerance tolerance Tolerance means that the user can withstand even greater doses of the drug concerned, and it requires that more and more amounts be taken to achieve the same effect. Development of tolerance is a prerequisite for withdrawal symptoms when discontinuation of the drug.

  • Low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia)

    What is low blood sugar? Hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar - is a condition where the blood sugar content (glucose) becomes too low (usually less than 3.5 mmol / L) and at the same time there are symptoms of low blood sugar. Several different symptoms are typical when you have low blood sugar. If you eat or drink sugar, the symptoms usually disappear within 10-15 minutes.

  • The right method for treating wounds

    By Karin Kaas, journalist Wound is not only sore. Some wounds heal faster than others, some leave ugly scars, some wounds will not all the way, and some wounds may end up with blood poisoning and amputation. However, the vast majority of wounds are banal and you can treat them yourself. In contrast, three serious types of wounds - venous ulcer, diabetic ulcer and pressure ulcers.

  • Causes of Parkinson's disease

    Why do you get Parkinson's disease? There are many theories about why some develop Parkinson's disease. The many theories probably arise because there are not one but several reasons. Three of the reasons for developing Parkinson's disease are: inheritance / genetic predisposition to pollutant aging. Parkinson's disease occurs due to lack of dopamine in the brain.

  • Press release: Survey shows that night vision destroys the lives of many Danes

    More than one million adult Danes wake up once or more each night because they are going to peel up. Now a new study shows that the interrupted sleep has major consequences for their quality of life. They feel tired, give up a common social gathering and fail to travel, as well as their performance at work the next day.

  • When parents sweep for the children on the path of life

    The debate about curling kids has been driving the highest gear for several years, because when it comes to the children there are both strong attitudes and emotions in play. What are curling children and can you give their children too much care and help? Here two of the actors of the debate give their bids. New & Healthy Newsletter - New knowledge about your health - This article is made for Health Insurance "Denmark".