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  • How to heal a wound (wound healing)

    What is wound healing? Wound healing is a process that occurs in all tissues that are facing a type of destruction. Wound healing is the organism's reaction to the tissue being destroyed. The organism will then try to restore the damaged skin and restore the function of the broken tissue. Advertisement (read below below) What types of wound healing are there?

  • Can milk increase my risk of cancer?

    In recent years, some researchers have argued that there is a connection between drinking milk and developing cancer. Here, a senior researcher from the Cancer Society tells us what studies in the field show up to now and why she believes that milk is a neutral food. New & Healthy Newsletter - New knowledge about your health - This article is made for Health Insurance "Denmark".

  • With doping in the blood

    Doping pushes sportsmen and their morale to the utmost. But performance-enhancing drugs have been known for centuries. Doping is not something that first came to sport along with the phantom helmets of cyclists and the bodysuit of the swimmers. The dream of being number one at all costs has been around for many sportsmen for centuries.

  • Children and young people in crisis

    Is it normal that I'm not well with my parents? All children have parents. Most people live with both parents. But some children also live in exchange with their parents, and perhaps the parents have a new boyfriend. Even if you have a mother or father every day - or both, you may feel that your life is not as you think it should be.

  • Tennis Bowl (Epicondylitis lateralis humeri)

    What is a tennis arc? The muscles that stretch your fingers and wrist are emanating from a small bone protuberance on the outside of the elbow. With a tennis arc you have pain in this area. The pain may radiate in both the upper arm and downward along the outside of the forearm. The pain is probably due to small tears in the connective tissue that hold the muscles down to the bone.

  • The child's upbringing in school time

    The hard start The beginning of schooling is too many children hard. The transition from being kindergarten to schoolchildren is great. It may be the first time the child has to cope without being together with the mother and the child feels the intercourse with the many stranger children as a threat more than a chance. Ad (read on below) Children change school age Children in school age usually have a great interest in learning a lot and learning more and enjoying all the time.