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  • Rubella

    What are red dogs? Like measles and chickenpox, red dogs are a viral disease. After the introduction of the MFR vaccination (measles, sheep sickness, red dogs) in 1987, the disease has become so rare in Denmark that it is considered to be eliminated for practical purposes. In Denmark, you can only be infected in practice if you move in unvaccinated environments.

  • Types of lung cancer

    What types do you divide lung cancer in? ** Treatment of Cancer Dive into health-root's magazine, 'UPDATE - Cancer'. Here, surgeon Jens Benn S?rensen tells about the latest development in lung cancer. READ HERE Two main types of lung cancer are distinguished: Non-small cell lung cancer. Small cell lung cancer.

  • Pain and depression

    Pain and depression often occur simultaneously. People suffering from depression often have pain, and chronic pain patients are often depressed. But why is that so and how is it going? This will illuminate this article. Which of the depressed people experience pain? Different studies have yielded very different results when finding out how many people with depression also suffer from pain.

  • Exercise and COPD (formerly called smoking smoker)

    Exercise is good - also for people with COPD The health board recommends exercise 30 minutes daily because it has a lot of positive health effects - such as strengthening of the immune system, bones and muscles, improved heart and circuits, and positive effects on the mind. In this regard, COPD patients are no different.

  • Fatty liver

    What is fat liver? Fat liver is the most common liver disease in the world, and about one in four Danes is affected. Fat liver is due to fat accumulation in the liver cells, and the most common causes are alcohol, overweight and type 2 diabetes. Only a small percentage of patients with fatty liver develop symptoms. Signs of chronic liver failure can be seen if you develop fatty liver inflammation with the accumulation of scar tissue.

  • Cancer in the liver

    What is liver cancer? More than 90 percent of the cancerous nodules of the liver stem from malignant tumors elsewhere in the body. These forms of liver cancer are called liver metastases and are most common from the colon, lungs, breasts or pancreas. In Denmark there are about 3000 new cases a year.