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  • Lung cancer

    What is lung cancer? Lung cancer occurs when some cells of the lungs begin to divide and grow beyond the control of the organism. What can cause a cell to divide without control is, inter alia, exposure to tar substances or other toxins from cigarette smoke or, for example, radon in the environment.

  • Symptoms of Parkinson's disease

    What are the first signs of Parkinson's disease? The first signs of Parkinson's disease rarely lead the thought of this particular disease. There may be a tendency for depression, sleep disturbances, decreased sense of smell, tendency to constipation or affected color vision. The first signs may show up to five to ten years before Parkinson's disease breaks out.

  • Children with epilepsy

    Why does epilepsy occur? Epilepsy occurs in the extremes of life, that is, among the very young and the old. Half of all cases of epilepsy are observed in children under six years. The causes of epilepsy can be many, but in more than half of the children there is no safe cause. Among the known causes are: Too low blood sugar at birth. Ilt deficiency at birth. Too little calcium in the blood................................. Read on below) Harder to diagnose in children than in adults The younger the child is, the harder it is to diagnose the epileptic seizures.

  • How do you treat ice cubes

    How do you treat ice cubes? If you are bothered by sensitive teeth and ices in your teeth, seek professional help and ask the dentist to investigate the painful condition. Often, in addition to a thorough clinical examination, x-rays must be taken to exclude teeth and jaw teeth.

  • Fish

    Tunfrikadeller (4 persons) (Submitted by Rikke from Odense) 2 ds tuna in water. 2 eggs. 50 g chopped mushrooms. 100 g rasp of salt and pepper. grease for frying The water is poured from the tuna and separated by a fork. Eggs, mushrooms and raspberries are mixed in and the father is stirred together. Seasoned with salt and pepper.

  • It was not my strategy to give up

    When Alice Braae was diagnosed with lung cancer, she was 54 years old. She was given a death sentence - the doctors said they could not cure her, but they could hold the cancer for a while. It did not make Alice give up - she struggled a long, cool game. 11 years later, she tells about the course of chemotherapy, radiation therapy abroad, the reaction of the surroundings and her incredible fight against a disease that the doctors had chosen as a winner from the start.