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  • Why should I have stools during the run?

    Question Dear Network Doctor I am a very keen runner, but in recent years I have become accustomed to the fact that when I have walked for about a kilometer, I finish my stool. I usually run 8-10 kilometers and often come up with additional bowel movements up to twice more after the first time. The stirring has a consistency like "mashed potato".

  • Good advice in a difficult time

    Good advice on helping yourself Take the body's messages seriously and listen to your body and your feelings. Before talking to yourself. Type, character and template. Be creative. It can clarify your thoughts and feelings. Look for others and ask for help to talk about what you find difficult and perhaps embarrassing. Your friends and acquaintances will most often be happy to help listen, ask and try to understand.

  • Treatment of stress

    By Annette Aggerbeck, journalist Long-term stress can have major consequences for health. It is therefore important to treat the condition. Here you get insight into where and how treatment can take place. New & Healthy Newsletter - New knowledge about your health - This article is made for Health Insurance "Denmark".

  • Operation of rheumatoid arthritis in the hip

    Rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by the joint's joints being attacked by an inflammation-like condition. The disease occurs in approximately one percent of the adult Danish population, and women are affected three times as often as men. Rheumatoid arthritis occurs most frequently between the ages of 50 and 70, and if it is not treated, the joints will gradually become malformed and lose their function.

  • Causes of depression

    What is the cause of depression? Some believe that depression is due to the lack of a particular substance in the brain. Some believe that depression is due to lack of serotonin in the brain. It is possible that there is a lack of serotonin in depression, but basically, we are not so much smarter about that, for what is the lack of serotonin then?

  • Epilepsy - a disease with many faces

    The violent convulsion that many associate with epilepsy is far from the most common symptom of the disease. The seizures come in infinitely many forms, and the cramp is just one of many. New & Healthy Newsletter - New knowledge about your health - This article is made for Health Insurance "Denmark".