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Producer: Aspen Nordic


AlkeranĀ® is a cell-inducing agent (alkylating agent).

Active substances



AlkeranĀ® is used to treat certain types of cancer, especiallymultiple myeloma, a particular cancer of the bone marrow, lymphoma (Hodgkin's disease) and, in rare cases, ovarian cancer.


Available as tablets.

  • The treatment is individual and tailored according to the effect, partly by the degree and extent of adverse reactions.


  • The tablets should be swallowed whole
  • The tablets are film coated so that contact is not in direct contact with the active ingredient.
  • The tablets should be taken at least 1 hour before or at the earliest 2 hours after a meal.

possible side effects

Very common (over 10%)

Diarrhea, Nausea, Otitis, Vomiting

Influence of bone marrow production of blood cells

Hair Loss

Undo menstruation

Common (1-10%)

Later cases of cancer (especially leukemia)

Skin rash

Rare (0.01-0.1%)

Pneumonia in the lungs, Pneumonia



Use only under certain conditions.
  • There is limited experience with the use of the agent for pregnant women. Should only be used in special cases after consultation with the specialist.


Do not use this text. This text differs from the company's approved product information (product summary).


No warning.

Blood donor

Do not drop. Donor must be declared by the donor village.


  • Works among other things by inactivating DNA (cell genetic code). This causes the cell division to be inhibited, and that the genetic function and thereby the control of cell turnover are destroyed.
  • The strongest effect usually occurs after 7-14 days of treatment.
  • The half life in the blood (T?) is 1-2 hours.

Pharmaceutical forms

tablets. 1 tablet (film-coated) contains 2 mg melphalan.

Special warnings

The drug should be used with caution at
  • poorly functioning kidneys
  • poor functioning bone marrow.

Grants, delivery, packages and prices

subsidiesextraditionDispensing form and strengthPackingPrice in kr.


May only be delivered once after the same recipe, unless the delivery takes place in several smaller portions at a timefilm-coated tablets 2 mg25 pcs.751,10


Titanium dioxide (E171)

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