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Amilco®, comb

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Amilco® is an antidiquid agent. Potassium-binding and potassium-sparing agent in combination.

Active substances




Amilco® is used:

  • vededems (accumulation of water in the body), which occurs, for example, by failure of cardiac function
  • against high blood pressure


Available as tablets. Water in the body, adults

  • Initial dose. Usually 1-2 tablets a day.
  • maintenance dose. The dose is reduced to the lowest effective.

Elevated blood pressure, adults

  • Usually ? - 1 tablet a day in the morning.

possible side effects

Common (1-10%)

Reduced appetite, Fatigue

Diarrhea, Nausea

Cardiac arrhythmia, Cough, Mood

Too little potassium in the blood, Too much potassium in the blood, Increased blood sugar, Increased uric acid in the blood

Headache, dizziness

Skin rash, skin rash

Uncommon (0.1-1%)

Blood pressure drop when getting up, cardiac arrhythmia

Too little sodium in the blood, Vapor deficiency

Joint pain, Muscular weakness

Depression, Confusion, Change in Skin Sensitivity

Involuntary urination

visual disturbances

Rare (0.01-0.1%)

Bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract

Blood deficiency, increased tendency to bleeding due to decrease in platelets


Hypersensitivity to sunlight

Anaphylactic shock - an acute severe allergic condition

Impact of the kidneys

Very rare (less than 0.01%)

Inflammation of the pancreas

Should not be used

Amilco® should not be used for:

  • known hypersensitivity to thiazides or to drugs that chemically resemble thiazides, eg sulfamethizole (anti-inflammatory medicine) and certain tablets against diabetes
  • Too much potassium in the blood
  • Too low sodium content in the blood
  • very poorly functioning kidneys
  • no urine production.


Should not be used due to lack of knowledge.


Should not be used due to lack of knowledge. This text differs from the company's approved product information (product summary).


No warning.

Blood donor

Do not drop. If you can lose, however, depends on your illness.


Use of Amilco® implies exclusion from sports founder.


Water-retardant because of both amiloride and hydrochlorothiazide.

  • Both ingredients increase salt secretion through the kidneys.
  • The increased salt secretion will "draw" water and thereby increase urine volume.
  • The increased amount of urine will often lead to frequent urination during the first days of treatment.
  • Amiloride is inhibiting, whereas hydrochlorothiazide promotes the secretion of potassium. However, these two contradictory effects are not a guarantee of a normal potassium balance.
  • The effect occurs after approx. 2 hours and lasts approx. 24 hours.
  • The half life in the blood (T?) is 9-13 hours.

Pharmaceutical forms

Tablets. One tablet contains: 5 mg of amiloride hydrochloride and 50 mg of hydrochlorothiazide.

Special warnings

The medicine should be taken with caution at:

  • elderly
  • poorly functioning kidneys or liver
  • diabetes
  • Addison's disease
  • certain connective tissue disorders.

Potassium and sodium levels in the blood should be checked during treatment as disturbances in potassium balance may occur.

Using other medicines

It is important to inform your doctor about all the medicines you are taking.
  • Cholesterol lowering agents (colestipol and colestyramine) may inhibit the effect of Amilco┬«.
  • Amilco┬« may increase the effect of other diuretics, antihypertensive agents and digoxin (cardiac agent).
  • Amilco┬« can also increase the risk of poisoning with lithium (medium-to-medium).
  • Concomitant administration of Amilco┬« and ACE inhibitors (antihypertensive agents) increases the amount of potassium in the blood.
  • Concomitant treatment with sotalol (beta blockers) increases the risk of fainting attacks and the effects of ekg.
  • Co-administration of anti-depressant drugs (SSRIs) or carbamazepine (anti-epileptic drugs) increases the risk of low blood sodium levels.
  • NSAIDs (anti-arthritis and muscle pain) may reduce the effect of Amilco┬«.
  • In combination with Amilco┬« and adrenal gland hormone, the amount of potassium in the blood can be reduced.

Grants, delivery, packages and prices

subsidiesextraditionDispensing form and strengthPackingPrice in kr.

Amilco®, comb.

May only be delivered once after the same prescription unless the recipient has stated on the prescription, how many times and with what time intervals additional extradition must take placetablets 50 + 5 mg100 pieces.146,80


50 + 5 mg tablets

SparkalHEXAL Amiloride

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