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Blister on the tongue


Dear Network Doctor

Have since Wednesday had what I thought was just harmless blister on the tongue. But as Wednesday progressed, there were many small blistering "blisters" on the tongue, especially at the edge and at the tip. So it has been uncomfortable to eat, sink and talk. Rinse Wednesday night so with chlorhexidine lump and try a strepsil. It just made the feeling a bit different and on Thursday the little "look-like" buds became a bit more white but did not hurt as well, but the tongue was just very sensitive. This has been the same since and has not been done anymore. Can not help scratching the front teeth all the time, as I am constantly reminded of how annoying it is. It is only the tongue, has no genes elsewhere in the mouth. Could it just be a terribly annoying blister attack or? Hope you can help.

Sincerely, one asks


Dear Questions

For your question, I can respond briefly: Yes, what you've had on your tongue has been a blister attack! The very type of blister, where there are many small blisters at one time, actually makes special pain - in return, they do not last as long as the "normal" blisters. The type of blister that you have been called herpetifor blister, even if you own. Do not know if they have anything to do with herpes. I hope for you that this has been a one-time attack.

Yours sincerely

Anne Pedersen,

Specialist Dentist, Dr. odont. "

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