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Intercourse and pregnancy


Dear Network Doctor

I'm pregnant for 14 weeks and have suddenly been worried if it could hurt the child that my partner is at the top when we have sex? At last we did, I felt that it felt a bit uncomfortable and heavy on my stomach, so now I'm really worried if the little child can hurt the heavy weight? Hope to answer and thank you for a good letterbox.

Sincerely, one asks


Dear Questions

I can promise you that your child is safe and comfortable inside your warm protective womb. The fetal water that the child swims in also protects against external pressure. What kind of sexual orientation you use, the child is doing well anyway. And for the moment you are only for 14-15 weeks. Later in pregnancy, when your stomach becomes very thick, you may choose a position where he does not press your stomach. It may be that it is more convenient that he comes from behind or that he is lying on his back while sitting on him. Also, do not be afraid that the fact that he gets up in you can hurt the child. Neither release is harmful. By your orgasm, it may well be easy to contract the uterus muscles, but it is not enough to put your veins in a hurry, so you risk premature birth. There is a little bleeding or bloody slim after intercourse. Talk to your doctor. It probably does not mean anything about having sexual intercourse. One last thing: the desire for sex can change during pregnancy - fall and rise. It will have to take into account both of them. So remember to talk to each other about it so it will not be a problem. In rare cases - if your pregnancy does not elapse normally - the midwife or doctor may not be able to intercourse. And of course you will have to respect that.

Yours sincerely

Erik Fangel Poulsen

Specialist in Women's Diseases and Births

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