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Diclofenac sodium "Paranova"

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Diclofenac sodium "Paranova" is an eye drug. NSAIDs.

Active substances



Diclofenac sodium "Paranova" is used in special cases for surgery for cataracts or other surgical procedures. Can also relieve pain in the eyes, for example by osteoarthritis.


Are there stray drops.

For eye surgery

  • On business day: Adults. 1 drop of the eye 5 times during the last 3 hours before surgery.
  • After surgery: 1 drop of the eye 3-5 times a day.

possible side effects

Common (1-10%)

Red eye, Blurred vision, Eye inflammation, Eyelid

Uncommon (0.1-1%)

Hypersensitivity to sunlight

Rare (0.01-0.1%)

Corneal changes, corneal inflammation


Worsened asthma, shortness of breath


Allergic reaction in the eye, Allergic reactions in the eye

Should not be used

Diclofenac sodium "Paranova" should not be used for hypersensitivity to the substance or other NSAIDs, including acetylsalicylic acid.


Can be used if necessary. This text differs from the company's approved product information (product summary). Can be used if necessary. This text differs from the company's approved product information (product summary).


Can be used if necessary.


No warning.

Blood donor

Must be dropped.


Works painkillers and anti-inflammatory, ie attenuating inflammation-like symptoms that may occur in the eye by inflammation or after surgery.

Pharmaceutical forms

Eye drops, solution. 1 ml contains 1 mg diclofenac sodium.

Special warnings

  • Contact lenses must be removed before each infusion, and wait at least 15 minutes before reinserting contact lenses.

Grants, delivery, packages and prices

subsidiesextraditionDispensing form and strengthPackingPrice in kr.

Diclofenac sodium

May only be delivered once after the same prescription unless the recipient has stated on the prescription, how many times and with what time intervals additional extradition must take placeeye drops, solution 1 mg / mlParanova Denmark5 ml61,45


eye drops, solution 1 mg / ml

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