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is part of the media house health-root Media, which in addition to consists of , , and Tand & .


believes that knowledge is the way to all good. We are founded on the vision of communicating medical science in a clear and understandable language to break down barriers between physician and patient. We believe that the conscious patient is on the way forward with demands for better treatment, clearer message and ability to compare treatment options and healthcare - just as we have long seen the conscious consumer comparing product declarations and demands.

Users and visits

has almost 1 million each month. users and 2 million. visit.

Source: Danish Online Index

An analysis shows that 87 per cent of all Danes over the age of 18 seek information on health and disease on the Internet, and that 67 per cent of all adult Danes visit . (Source: The Nielsen Company 2010). It shows that the Danes prefer Internet doctor to find information on illness and health online.

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health-root receives no public grants or support from private funds, why health-root's business model is based on revenue from ads.

We put our immorality over why we practice sharp separation between editorial and revenue from sponsors and advertisers according to the same principle as on a daily newspaper. This means in practice that all of our articles are written without the influence of commercial interests and that it is clearly made aware of when something is an advertisement. It is important for us to emphasize that we never advertise in our texts - advertisements are shown solely as banner ads, where the user will be clearly informed of what is commercial content.

Medical writers

More than 150 of Denmark's most prominent doctors, specialist doctors and other experts write, edit and update the content on and answer questions from users in the mailboxes online.

This means that we can always be sure that the standards of our articles are high. We place great emphasis on cooperation between the editorial staff and our permanent staff of experts and consider ourselves as a whole.

Here you can see the list of all health-root's medical writers.

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health-root Media A / S
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1117 Copenhagen V

Unfortunately, it is NOT possible to contact health-root by telephone or by e-mail to receive medical questions. All medical questions must be asked health-root's letterbox.


NameTitleEmail address
Rikke EsbjergDirector and Chief Editor[email protected]

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Namearea of ??ResponsibilityEmail address
Rikke EsbjergResponsibility for pharma[email protected]
Ulrik OvergaardResponsibility for media agencies[email protected]
Jakob BernerTraffic and reporting[email protected]
Aleksander Billes?Traffic Manager[email protected]


NameTitleEmail address
Per Olkj?r Nielseneditorial manager[email protected]
Sille Rasmussenmoderator[email protected]
Nanna Louise Post LarsenEditor (on maternity leave)[email protected]
Julie Hornstrup ?stergaard ´Editor (maternity ward)[email protected]
Anne Dorte Gr?ndalRedaktionsassistent[email protected]
Christine FossRedaktionsassistent[email protected]
Helene FeddersenRedaktionsassistent[email protected]
Ema SeferovicRedaktionsassistent[email protected]
Frederik Knude PalshofMedical Students[email protected]
Anders Emil SchackLetterbox actor and doctorate student[email protected]

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