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Over half a million Danes visit health-root every month.

It makes the site of Denmark's most interesting platform for you who want to direct your advertising directly to people who actively show interest in health and illness.

Both illness and health

has Denmark's largest collection of online articles and information on illness and health. The content is divided so that users choose whether the subject is to be seen from a health or disease angle. Advertisers therefore also have the option to choose whether a campaign should be directed to the Health or Disease section by product and target group.

In addition to serving as an online reference work, also provides users with interactive opportunities. In the debates, the users meet others with the same interests or problems, and they can also ask a doctor for advice.

Use the tabs at the top. Here you can see what options you have as an advertiser at and you can read more about how the site works and who uses it. Here you will also find contact information.

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