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How do I release blisters in my mouth?


Dear Network Doctor

For 3-4 years I have a bit of blister, I have used chlorhexidine and Longovital without effect. The blisters are large, smell of inflammation and have a dark gray color, I often get a lot of time (3-5), but I get a lot of pain at the same time. The pain causes me nothing to eat, neither food nor drink, and I do not speak very much in the periods of blistering. I have studied the content of the toothpaste and am aware that I need a toothpaste with reduced sodium lauryl sulfate in, so I use Zendium. I have also investigated that binyrebark hormone may be a possible proposal - but despite the strong and lasting side effects, I do not want to use this. I have also found that vitamin and iron deficiency may be a cause so I focus on this in my diet. What can I do now?

Sincerely, one asks


Dear Questions

Yes, it can be very painful with blistering in your mouth! And only those who themselves suffer from them actually know how it is. I do not know how long you have eaten LongoVital - in any case you should eat them 3-4 months before you can assess if the pills have an effect. Finally, when you start with them, it is a good idea to eat a double dose in a couple of weeks. And for that matter you can easily eat 4-5 tablets each day for a period of 3-4 weeks. In addition, I think you should eat a supplement of iron and folic acid for 2-3 months as it seems to help with the problem of many.

There is no reliable evidence that zinc has a preventive effect, but in my time it has been suggested that blistering in the mouth may be associated with reactivation of a latent virus and since zinc has a preventative effect on infections, it is Logically, zinc can also have an effect on blisters in the mouth. I would recommend that you eat 40-45 mg of zinc daily for a period of approx. 3 months. Binyrebark hormone, as you know, is not a good idea because of many long-term side effects. If your blisters continue unchanged according to the above advice, you may want to ask your doctor to print some anti-virus tablets - at a dose of approximately 4 times larger than in common herpes infections !! At the right dose, the tablets will work at approx. 80% of patients - without side effects - apart from the price, which is mega-high! I wish you good luck!

Yours sincerely

Anne Pedersen,

Specialist Dentist, Dr. odont. "

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