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How do I get rid of my tattoo?


I am a 21-year-old woman. I know that tattoos can be removed, and my questions are:

- How does it take place?

- How much will there be afterwards?

- Where do they remove the skin?

- What does it cost?


Thanks for the removal of tattoos. Tattoos can be removed in several ways, but the best way today is laser removal. The laser light "blows" the pigment crystals that make up the tattoo so that the particles become so small that they can be removed by the body's immune cells. Laser, however, works extremely poorly on the red colors.

However, laser treatment can not always remove the entire tattoo, which may be leftover colors, and regular skin burns may occur. Tattoos can also be removed by grinding, but it often leaves boring scars.

Finally, tattoos can be removed during surgery and this ALTERS always leaves the skin, which is often highly cosmetically damaging. However, in certain cases, you can expand the surrounding skin by first applying a balloon under the skin, after which the balloon is filled with water to stretch the skin until the skin excess is desired, then the tattoo and balloon are removed in the same operation and the recovered Stretched skin is used to cover the defect. The treatment also leaves scars, is prolonged, requires at least two operations and is costly.

Skin transplantation is almost never done.

Laser treatment is usually done by dermatologists, or plastic surgeons who also perform the skin grinding and balloon expansion operation. The treatment is NOT taken by the public. The price depends on the individual therapist.

I suggest that you contact your own doctor for advice on a plastic surgeon or dermatologist, otherwise you may find one in your area via the yellow pages in your phonebook and arrange a consultation.

Yours sincerely

Eric Olesen, 1st surgeon

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