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How long should I exercise when I have COPD?


Dear Network Doctor

Since you have COPD, I will ask for the best exercise. As I easily get breathless, it should not be running. I think of cycling or walking, what is the most rewarding and how long should I exercise in order to get an effect?

Sincerely, one asks


Dear Questions

Just how long you have to work out, I can not say. It depends on your current lung function and exercise condition. I have tried to look at the list of different hospitals' training plans for COPD patients, and as far as I can see, many of the seasons lie in about an hour. Initially, time is also not the most important thing, but it's more important to get started and like to practice daily. I assume you do not smoke, otherwise point one is: stop smoking. The positive effect of exercise has been demonstrated today. Many training programs include a combination of walking, cycling, strength training and gymnastics. In addition, training in breathing techniques and possible relaxation. So this is the answer to your question. I think you should investigate if there is no offer in your municipality for training for COPD patients. This could give you inspiration and any techniques to proceed on your own.

Yours sincerely

Specialist in orthopedic surgery

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