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I'm the calf knee - can an operation help it?


I'm a man of 23. I've been born the calf knee and have been told from several sides that it would be an advantage that I got my legs straight. This would reduce the likelihood of back problems and the risk of sports injuries less. I run 50-60 km a week.

My question is: Is it possible to make my legs straight again - and what are the possible physical costs?


Theoretically, you can operate your legs well, but it is certainly not a small intervention. It requires, among other things, to "chop some of your bones". You can also not straighten your legs unlimited.

If you do not have any genes at this time, I do not think you should consider being operated. I can not say you are at greater risk of back problems. You may have a little increased risk that your knee scale may get lost in connection with "contact sports / heavier load with twist". But there is also no guarantee that an operation will run smoothly.

My advice is that if you work without problems with your knees, forget about surgery.

Yours sincerely

Hans Gad Johannsen, Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery

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