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I'm missing a lot, what can I do about it?


Dear Network Doctor

I have searched your other answers, but can not find the answer to my question there! I really waste a lot at night, it's so much that I often wake up and have to turn my pillow because of wet spots. (I therefore have about 3 pillowcovers on my pillow). I obviously have a lot of "mouthwash" / saliva if I f'esk to sing, my mouthwash "often overflows" so it almost makes out of the mouth. I can not understand I do not sink it before it comes so far? The same thing in the night before falling asleep, I have to keep in mind sinking or soaking the spit / drop in, otherwise it will just run out. I sink it not just by myself. I feel a bit like a little baby that loses a lot at night. How can that be? I've done all my life, but I think it's gotten worse here in the last 6 months. If that's because I've become more aware that I'm missing I do not know. I also snore at night and do not breathe well through the nose even though it is not clogged. Could it worsen it? I am 21 years old.

Sincerely, one asks


Dear Questions

I can feel well understand that you are annoyed by the much sleepiness. I think the problem can be a part of your ADHD disease since you always have a bit of trouble. Now I do not know how long you have received the medicine, but although this medicine "normally" can cause dry mouth as a side effect - the opposite is not unlikely either. The snoring does not aggravate your sleepiness - on the contrary, the snoring usually leads to pronounced dry mouth. You may get some medicine that causes you less regret - but it is not without side effects. So if you think your saver problem is unbearable, I think you should talk to your doctor if any. to try some medicine against too much saliva.

Yours sincerely

Anne Pedersen,

Specialist Dentist, Dr. odont

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