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I must have removed my womb. Should I also let them remove my ovaries?


I am a 50-year-old woman who must have removed her womb because of benign muscles to September. My problem is whether or not I should choose to remove the ovaries. All other things, I'd rather have them removed to avoid the nervousness of developing ovarian cancer. In my father's family there have been many deaths due to cancer, and this worries me. My own doctor is advised to keep the ovaries, so as not to remove a healthy body, but to me, cancer risk is not insignificant as ovarian cancer is difficult to detect before it is too late. My question is therefore what risk there is if I choose to remove the ovaries. Nevertheless, I have thought to start taking hormones to prevent descaling so that the lack of estrogen production can be offset by this, but is it better to maintain natural estrogen production as well? Are there other useful functions of the ovaries that speak to keep them? The ovaries production of male sex hormone I would like to do without being already bothered by hair growth on my face. I have been in menopause for some years, with sweating and pains, still have regular menstruation every 3 weeks.


Dear Lillian.

As long as you have regular menstruations, your ovaries also produce female sex hormones. Hedges and night sweats, however, indicate that hormone production is in the ovaries.

The average age for the last menstrual period is 51.5 years - so you can expect hormone production in the ovary to end in the foreseeable future. After that time, they do not matter either for your well-being or body at all. At the time of the last menstrual period, an acceleration of descaling from the bones also occurs. It happens to all women. Therefore, for women, there are a number of women who choose to take hormones in menopause and the following years for the prevention effect.

You must have removed your uterus. Ovarian and ovaries sit close to the uterus and I am just saying that surgery is getting a bit easier than harder if the ovaries are removed at the same time. In addition, of course, the risk of developing ovarian cancer later on is eliminated. However, I understand the general attitude of your doctor that you should not remove a healthy body, but I still think that the situation when it comes to removing ovaries from a woman during or after menopause is a slightly different matter. In addition, you have decided that you want hormone replacement for your bones.

I think you should talk to the surgeon about the question and I am quite sure that this will follow your desire for the removal of the uterus also to remove the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Yours sincerely

Erik Fangel Poulsen

specialist in gynecology

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