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I often get bladder infection, is there a treatment?


Dear Network Doctor

Unfortunately, I suffer from frequent cystitis, have now had it five times in seven months. My kidneys and urinary tract have been scanned, checked for urine, blood samples have been taken and a vaginal check has been performed. All samples and controls have been alright. In each bladder infection, after-check has been shown that there are no bacteria.

I'm married and we have been together for four years. We have intercourse about once a week and it is gentle and I take care that the vagina is not dry.

The fleet is normal. I am thorough with hygiene, using intimate soap with lactic acid bacteria. I always fit in that I do not freeze or get cold. I'm 28 years old and until this started, I did not have a bladder infection since I was 18 years old.

What can this be and how and how should I move on? Is there a treatment?

Yours sincerely

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Dear Questions

You have been thoroughly investigated and as expected, you have not shown anything abnormal. The problem is that some women often get bladder infections without we can explain why or cure it. It would have been a little easier if you were one of those who constantly has bacteria in the urine.

I have few suggestions: It is rare for bladder infections due to poor hygiene, so you should actually take care not to overdo with soap and soap!

You should drink one glass of cranberry juice daily - it does not cure a bladder infection, but it is good to prevent it.

Every time you go to a doctor with symptoms of cystitis, your doctor should absolutely grow your urine and only treat with clear "significant bacteriuria" (the doctor understands what is meant by this). If he / she finds bacteria, you should only get treatment if you actually have symptoms. A random finding of bacteria in the urine does not require antibiotic treatment.

Finally, your doctor may consider giving you prophylactic antibiotics in a small dose for three months - for example. Trimopan 100 mg, one tablet at bedtime.

I'm sorry I do not have a miracle, but I hope something of the above can be helpful.

Get well soon.


Poul Frimodt-M?ller

Specialist in urology

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