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I often have red and irritated eyes. What can it be?


The white in my eyes has begun to be more and more cloudy / red. Sometimes the eyes look like you have been on a real city trip. There is also more blush in my eyes - not when I wake up, but during the day comes a little. In addition, it hurts more quickly if I stare at a point. Can you get some eye drops that can remedy these problems or what should I do?


Through 4-6 months you have a tendency for your eyes' binder ("the whites of the eyes") to turn red and irritated, often worsening throughout the day. Immediately I will designate your condition as a chronic "conjunctivitis". Reasons for this may be an irritation, including dust, indoor climate, air pollution, chemical substances, screen terminal work and finally using contact lenses.

Furthermore, reduced tear production (in certain medical conditions, such as connective tissue disorders) and chronic infection in the lacrimal and nose. Allergy can also be a possible cause and finally a number of eye diseases may cause the genes you have described (green eyes, corneal disease, build defects, wrong spectacle strength). I would suggest you to contact your own doctor, mr. a closer examination.

Yours sincerely

Hans Ole Svendsen

Specialist in general medicine

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