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I only produce a little sperm on release, what can the reason be?


Dear Network Doctor

My wife and I try to get a child. I have found poor sperm quality and we are in the process of fertility treatment.

We are currently participating in the third trial of ICSI. My question is: I know there is a difference in how much a volume of sperm a man produces. I produce 1-2 milliliter by release, and it is rarely it gets "shot" out.

Can anything be done to investigate the low amount or further investigation of reduced sperm quality? Only investigation in this regard has been a count of cells. Do you have any idea of ??what such a low volume can be caused by and can it be improved? I am ordinary of building, eating healthy and non-smoking.

Yours sincerely

One Question


Dear Questions

In the other information you have given us, you tell you that you have been used for bladder cancer. That information confuses me in relation to your actual question. What operation do you think about? Normally, a bladder cancer operation means that the bladder is removed with the prostate, and there are many good reasons for fertility problems. Do you think you have undergone a binoculars operation? And if yes, was it really a bladder cancer?

Furthermore, I get the impression that you may have some degree of retrograde ejaculation, that is, the semen or some of the sperm goes up in the bladder instead of getting out of the urethra. This could happen if you have peeled a bit of your prostate by a binoculars surgery. The same phenomenon can be seen in some young men with diabetes.

If a man has low sperm count in his ejaculate (the fluid that sprays out of orgasm), and if he is healthy and healthy, then one mistakes the testicles. In addition to ultrasound scanning of the testicles, one might consider taking a tissue sample from the testicle to see if the semen-forming tissue is usually developed.

I suppose you are being examined in a fertility clinic? If no, you should stay there and they should be able to answer all your questions. In some (most perhaps?) Fertility clinics, there are gynecologists, that is, specialist doctors in women's diseases. Perhaps you should be investigated by a urinary tract surgeon (urologist) with particular interest in fertility problems.

As you can understand, I'm having a little trouble solving your problem in this mailbox. But there are around specialists who your doctor may refer you to.

Good luck with that.


Poul Frimodt-M?ller

Specialist in urology

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