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I only want suicide


Dear Network Doctor

I just want to hear about 40 tablets of Valaxona 5 mg. is enough to kill myself?

I have been doing suicidal thoughts for a long time. At first it was a scary thought, but within the last 3 weeks it has become a bit of a thing I can always think of. A happy ending of all difficult thoughts. You are free to decide on something more, there is no pressure, no expectations for one and you are not in a hurry.

My biggest problem is my wife and our wish-child, a daughter of 13 months. But I know they will have to make sure my wife is strong. I have talked to my doctor several times, but he can only help after a failed suicide attempt.

I was hospitalized at a psychiatric emergency room in Odense this summer, but was sent home after a day when they thought I had only the difficulty in adapting to being a father. I've been to an emergency team, but because my problem was not acute they could not help either. There is no one who thinks I'm wrong and it's alright, but fortunately I have my own will and determination. I do not want to do anything half - therefore I would like to know about the 40 Valaxona I have left is enough

Yours sincerely



Dear HHA

I do not want to help you commit suicide - and therefore I will not answer whether you can die of taking 40 valaxona tablets.

However, you describe a number of symptoms and thoughts that I might advise you about: You think about suicide, as you will be free to take a position, free to be pressured, free of expectations and free to bother. It is not uncommon that you can get the idea of ??suicide as a kind of "good friend", that is, a comforting thought when everything gets too much. However, it is rare that you actually want to die, but on the other hand, you wish that everything was different - that you were well and did not feel stressed. I get the feeling that this may also be the case for you.

This feeling is supported by the fact that the doctors in Odense believed that you had an adaptation reaction in connection with becoming a father. WHO diagnosis list ICD-10 describes during the diagnosis "adaptation reaction" this:

"A condition of subjective discomfort and emotional disturbance leading to impaired social functioning, which occurs during the adaptation period following a significant change in life or a stressful event. The symptoms vary and include depression, anxiety, anxiety, feeling of powerlessness, insolence or difficulty continuing the present situation, as well as reduced ability to perform everyday tasks. Usually the duration is less than 6 months, but can continue as a depressive reaction for up to 2 years. " Do not you think the above description is very appealing to you?

Of course, I think you should shoot the idea of ??suicide from you. In addition, you should contact your GP. This for 2 reasons:

  1. Ask if you can go for supportive conversations with your GP.

  2. Ask your doctor to help evaluate if you have a depressive reaction - and if so, you can discuss whether you should have antidepressant medication.

As for the Valaxona, tell your doctor that you have thoughts of suicide. If you still need to be given tranquilizers, consult your doctor to print only small amounts, ie max. 20 soothing pills and that this should be done under strict control so that you can not collect the pills together.

I hope you get better soon and that the above can be applied.

Yours sincerely

Hans M?rch Jensen

Specialist in psychiatry.

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