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I'm reading - Can anything be done?


Dear health-root,

I have a little funny question, but mean it very seriously now. I'm 27, do not mind anything at all, but read a little bit and have always done it. Now I've heard that something can be done about it. That it may have something to do with my tongue tape. I can for example Do not stretch the tongue right out of the mouth, and it hurts a bit, or tends to tighten much on the tongue band.

Can you get something done and will it affect my speech now that I'm so old? Understand that something is sometimes done with children. Is there something I can go to my doctor and talk to him about? It's a small problem, but big enough to cause problems with job conversations and that kind of thing. Can anything be done?

Sincerely, one asks.


Dear asks,

The lesion (sigmatismus in Latin) is frequent and often transient in children in connection with dental shift / loss of teeth, but a short tongue band, that is to say. a heavy band that is so short that the tongue tip can not be stretched beyond the tooth line, is a frequent cause of lipstick. In addition, overbid / underbid and missing teeth are frequent causes.

The lipstick itself is caused by the tongue tip in general speech being advanced between the front teeth or that the air flows out like a valve between the side of the tongue and the teeth of the tongue. In your case, I will suggest you to get a review with your own doctor, m.p. If your short tongue band can be the cause of your lipstick. If one can not "mechanically" remove the cause of the lipstick, there are good opportunities to get help from a speech therapist, among other things. for proper use of the tongue during speech.

Yours sincerely

Hans Ole Svendsen

Specialist in general medicine.

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