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I really bleed and feel it has taken over my life


I have had menstruation recently, but I bleed really a lot. Almost every time I bleed through the night. It comes out on the bed, although sometimes I put extra toilet paper along with the binder. During the day I change the volume five times!

I once also experienced it bleeding through my cousin during the day. It's so frustrating and is about to go crazy about it! I feel it has taken over my life. It hurts me and I want a solution to it!

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In fact, you do not bleed very much during the menstrual period, although it may feel like that. Only good 60 ml throughout the period - total approx. 4 tablespoons.

In the beginning you can soften a bit, in the middle a bit more and towards the end something less again. No two bodies are the same and the amount of blood varies. But if your daily life is controlled by your bleeding, see your doctor.

Strong menstruation is a condition where the woman bleeds more than normal or longer than the average 4-5 days. It typically occurs with the bleeding between menstrual periods (interval bleeding) and irregular menstruation.

If your blood loss is so high that you get anemia, your symptoms will include fatigue beyond the usual. There may be pain, often associated with menstruation.

Since you have almost had your menstruation, you can wait a little for it to stabilize a bit, but if it is so disturbing in your daily life, consult your doctor where you can discuss any help.


Alexandra Gheorghe, doctor

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