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I really get hiccups


I really have a hiccups. Sometimes, of course, it can be because I eat too fast, but it's often what it's all about. Some days I can only get hiccups five times during the day, and other days I do not have it at all. I do not know if that's something to worry about?

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Hiccups are involuntary contraction of the diaphragm and vocal cord with simultaneous closure of the throat. Short-term hiccups can be triggered by fast food intake, as well as cold drinks, alcohol and stress. Are there any of the things you can recognize?

Short-term hiccups that you describe are not dangerous and are not something to be treated. Attempt to reduce some of the things I mention and see if it helps. There are many "house councils" such as to hold your breath, stand well forward and drink a glass of water while the hitch is on.

Prolonged hiccups can be caused by brain damage, irritation of nerves in the thoracic cavity, the diaphragm and irritation of the nerve in the throat region. You should seek medical advice if it is a long-term hiccups.

Good luck.

Alexandra Gheorghe, doctor

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