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I received cell cervical changes due to HPV virus


Dear Network Doctor

For about A year ago, I changed my doctor and should have done a gynecological examination with cervical crotch scrap. It turned out that I had cell cervical changes and had to be investigated closer to the hospital. As a result, I received a cone cut in October last year.

The other day I was in control where it turned out that there was a little cell change left as the doctor frozes away. The doctor told me that it was because of the HPV virus that I still have in my body.

My question is: Can I do anything to get rid of this virus?

It has taken me purely psychologically, but I have had a little ambivalent relationship with it - I do not feel very much when I think I can develop cancer. I think I should take it a little more seriously. I have not talked to anyone about how I really do. I can cry when I'm alone, but I do not know if it's just self-pity.

Sincerely H


Dear H

I do not think you cry because of self-pity. You're scared!

And there's nothing to say after you've been told that you have a virus in the body that can cause cancer of the cervix. But you have misunderstood what the doctor tried to explain to you. We must have addressed it so that you can be happy and safe again.

Certain types of HPV viruses are always present in the uterine mucosa and cervical mucosa when a woman develops cellular changes there. There are many indications that it is this virus that is responsible for cellular changes found at the entrance of the cervical canal.

Using a magnifying device (colposcope), the physician can define the area where cell changes occur and the conical section eliminates this part of the mucosa. If, after six months of control, signs of viral colonoscopy are observed, they can be frozen as in your case - or a new cone can be made. And then it's over with cell changes and viruses.

Some gynecologists choose in women who still want to give birth to more children, a more pending approach and follow the changes in the mucous membrane by regular control colpos copies.

Hopefully, the changes are completely gone the next time you control your cows, so neither viruses, cellular changes, cones or freezing will affect your sex life or your pregnancy.

In case of possible pregnancy later, you will follow carefully with a view to a slightly increased risk of premature birth.

The chance that you get viral and cellular changes again is minimal, but of course you have to be offered control like all other women.

Yours sincerely

Erik Fangel Poulsen

specialist in women's diseases

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