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I would like to avoid a cone surgery. Do the cellular changes in the womb not only in itself?


I am set for a cone surgery at the end of September (I have deferred the surgery for three weeks to investigate the subject further). I want to avoid a cone surgery, as I have heard several examples that the cells after a period go back without surgery. Can it be advised? I would also like to know how cell changes occur (I have not had any gender viral disease), so maybe I can change eating habits in the future if it can inhibit cellular changes.


You have found cell changes during examination. You do not write anything about the extent and degree of cell change.

In case of mild cell changes, there is nothing wrong with your appointment with the doctor to look into, as these cell changes - at least in many cases - disappear from themselves again.

In the case of cellular changes at the more difficult end, the chances of disappearing by themselves are significantly less. Correspondingly, the chances of change are worsening significantly.

Thus, it is an individual discretion when decision on cone surgery is to be taken.

Everyone is free to choose from with regard to a cone operation. However, it is wise to follow the advice the doctor gives in terms of control and treatment.

What it is that changes rarely disappear by themselves, I do not know, but it has never been shown that changing eating habits or other changes in daily life have led to the disappearance of cellular changes. You should not count on that. You just want to postpone the pin and speculation later. I think it's much better to get it over - so you can expect cell changes are gone.

Kegleoperation is today, with the technique used, a small procedure that is performed ambulantly and in local anesthesia.

No one knows how cell changes occur, but you mention even genitalviruses, which always occur at the same time as cellular changes. You may well have passed HPV virus, for example, to the womb, without being aware of visible signs. The microscopic examination of the tissue piece removed by the cone surgery may tell you about such a connection.

Yours sincerely

Erik Fangel Poulsen

Specialist in gynecology

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