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I'm 26 years old and pee in bed at night - can you help?


I am a man of 26. My suffering is that I'm soaking up my bed as I sleep. Can you help me if there are more moods that can help me with my suffering.

I have been to a physician for narrowing the urethra - I did not. I have been in hospital to get my bladder checked about how much it could contain of fluid. There I got 2.5 liters of liquid sprayed in my bladder and the 2.4 liter came out again. I was told that my bladder did not fail anything. I have tried Minirin® 0.2 mg for 1 year.


Even if you have tried Minirin® without luck, which otherwise helps with involuntary nightly urination, it is definitely not excluded that you can do something to remedy your genes.

It appears that you have been to a specialist in urinary tract disease - a urologist - since you have been given the mentioned urination study, where you found your bladder to be normal. I therefore assume that an underlying disease has been ruled out as a cause of bed wetting. The most common one is that there is no specific reason why a person is bedside, and there is also no explanation that bed wings at approx. 1% continues into adulthood.

There are various treatment options for involuntary nightly urination. Partly different

medications, and treatments that train the behavior of the urination, and last but not least treatments that use "urinary alarms". Often a combination of several treatments is used. In young and adult wet lighters you will often see that a decreased intake of caffeinated liquids (coffee, tea, cola, etc.) can significantly improve.

I do not know where you have been for examination or what treatments you may have tried in addition to Minirin®. There are departments that have extensive experience and expertise in treating nightly involuntary urination in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus. If you have not already been in a study for such a department, please contact your GP at mph. to be referred to one of these places.

Yours sincerely

Bettina N?rby, Doctor, PhD student

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