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I'm afraid I have cancer - how do I get it checked?


I am 49 years old, engineer and general manager of a material testing department.

  1. During the holiday, I felt something new in my neck - as if it was pulling or tense in my neck. It still exists. It's not like myoser or nape. There are no signs of insect bites, redness or the like. Could it be a little knot and how can it be checked? (You can not feel anything from the outside)

  2. I have worked intensively with glass fiber 20 years ago and was heavily charged with the solvent "styrene" and dust. I often think I'm too tired and sweat too fast if I bump a little (and feel almost small). Can a blood test measure whether there are substances that reveal the presence of cancer cells in the bloodstream?

If the general health system does not want to pay such a "preventive" test - can you pay it from somewhere else?


  1. You can not tell in advance what it's bothering in your neck. From the description, it appears that the cause can be found in the muscles or in the small joints of the vertebra. A knot is not the most likely. Your doctor may do an external examination of the neck, including the movement and the muscular conditions. Similarly, it may be investigated for possible bone marrow and nervous nerve endoscopy. This is done by examining the nervous (neurological) conditions in the neck, but also on the arms, where sensitivity, muscle power and movement are examined. If you suspect a knot, you will proceed with further studies, including scanning.

  2. One can not detect the presence of cancer cells by a blood test. Depending on the symptoms a person presents and what one finds by examining the person, different blood tests may be taken. The result of these helps to diagnose and possibly lead to further investigations.

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