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I'm afraid my knee is broken


Hi Network Doctor.

I am a man who is very easy to twist on my knees. I experienced it the first time when I was going to shoot a penalty.

I was probably 8-9 years old. It hurt me can I remember... I have also tried where to run out of a sandbox. But I did not get up until my knee gave up, and I was lying and hurt.

I have experienced so many times in my life. So much I want to say it has given me trauma today. I'm afraid it's happening again, I can sometimes sit and make it feel like it's happening and it's gonna make a jump in my leg. I dare not run anymore.

If I have to, I'll stop on one leg in fear of not happening, which ox gives me a little scar because if you have to run from something or some. Then I have a problem. I also can not really play with my daughter if she wants to play something where we should run.

I have thought about what could be done and if there is anything to do. I wish I could run and not be afraid. I would start football if I got that misery again.


Dear asks

It does not appear whether you have been examined by a doctor.

I can not diagnose your letter, but I could suspect it has something to do with the load of your knee scale. If so, you would be able to benefit from physical therapy.

I definitely think you should contact your doctor and possibly. be referred to an orthopedic surgeon if your doctor is in doubt.

Yours sincerely

Specialist in orthopedics and sports surgery

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