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I'm always tired and dull


Dear Network Doctor.

For over 20 years I've been trying to figure out what's wrong with me. I'm always tired, hurts / hurts, lacks the feeling of presence / presence, and the ability to communicate with others. I have consulted my doctor, been referred to a brainwriter, eaten tons of ginseng and other natural gas, but nothing has helped. I'm just getting tired, ugly and stuffy.

I have not had a decent place to live since '93. I have a mail address with my father, but I stay in a damp room in the basement of my grandmother. There I have a bed, a stereo and a couple of old computers. I rarely see other people, as I have nothing to say to them. Other people experience something - they are part of something - and can tell about it. In other words - they live. I'm just sitting here and glowing.

I say to myself regularly: Next week you will see the doctor! But I rarely get myself together. And if I finally come up, it's nevertheless futile. Therefore, I try to write to you. Can you recommend someone or something that can improve my situation? Or does the so-called welfare society help only those who have the ability to shout, drug addicts on detention and criminals?


You write that you have been tired and untrusted for 20 years. Has almost no contact with other people. You have tried different options but nothing has helped.

I would suggest you go to the evening school, or meet people through a college stay, or be affiliated with a recycling project and thus get some life content. But I do not think you can use these tips for anything. I think there's a part of you who does not really want your life to change, and then another part of you longing for a richer life. So you have to deal with yourself what you really want today and about a year and about five years. If you are not motivated for change in your life, nobody can help you.

If you need to restart, you need a detailed mapping of what your problems are and what they are caused by. You should contact your local district psychiatric center or be referred by your own doctor and explain them to your situation. You need concrete support and help to gradually get back to work. In a district psychiatric day center you will have the opportunity for meaningful employment and to turn you back into contact with people again. But you must expect it to be a very long and unpleasant process. But it has also taken you 20 years to reach where you are today. It will require a lot of you and you will often want to hide away in your humid room. There are no easy solutions. Perhaps that's what you hope: I can recommend some medicine or a psychologist. But I do not think it will help you. I can not see other ways than the one mentioned.

Good luck with that.


Poul Videbech


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