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I'm bothered by spots that float around in my field of view


Dear Network Doctor

I'm bothered by spots that seem to swim around in my field of view.

Some of the spots have been there for many years, but it seems they have grown more within the last year's time - especially on the left eye - and it hurts me.

When I'm blinking, I can get the spots out of focus and are so well able to see, but unintentionally, they are sailing back past the focus again and it's especially embarrassing when I'm reading.

In addition, I can add that the spots appear to be affected by gravity.

The question is what I can / should do to get rid of the spots / genes. Something must be done - right?

Thank you in advance for your reply!


Martin Christian Muus


Many people have experienced visual phenomena in the form of "flying flies", that is to say. "Soft" spots that move across one's field of view and disappear to the side.

These visual phenomena are quite normal and usually do not indicate any disease in the eye.

These visual experiences usually stem from the "glass body" of the eye that fills most of the back of the eye's back and consists of a yellowish liquid that can contain ambiguities like any other fluid. With age, small "lakes" can form with ambiguities that can give these moving spots

even field of view.

In your case where there has been a worsening of your genes in the last year while it is especially for your left eye that you are bothered by "flying spots" I will conduct a study with an ophthalmologist, m.p. an assessment of both your glass body, but also the ingredients of the inner eye.

Finally, your common visual function should be considered.

Yours sincerely

Hans Ole Svendsen

Specialist in general medicine

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