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I'm crying when I'm laughing


Dear health-root,

I am a girl of 16 years and I have a problem with my pelvic floor: involuntary urination. This problem has evolved in recent years, and it occurs especially when I'm laughing. I have tried to search for it online, but can not find answers to my particular problem. I have read that it often happens when playing sports, which is also in my case; especially in sports times! I have been competition-swimmer for several years but has stopped, is it derived from there?

It has only happened once or twice that the urination has been great, otherwise there are small amounts. These, however, feel so great to me! Especially when they come often. I do not see that the big urination is happening again, because it's not really cool that it happens while you're among other people. I have tried to go to the bathroom just before I play sports, but it still happens. At times, I managed to stop the urination, but it's hard!

Will this develop more? Can I stop it? Should I talk to my doctor?

Sincerely, one asks.


Dear asks,

Involuntary urination is called incontinence and the term "laughter incontinence" is well known. According to the textbooks, a questionnaire survey among young women showed that almost every 4 young women had experienced it occasionally. At every 10, the problem continued after 20 years of age. Thus, it is not a rare condition - if there is any comfort - and it is seen only in women. All incontinence is, to some extent, socially debilitating as you experience it too. You do not have to put more words to describe how unpleasant it is.

There is nothing seriously behind. In fact, you do not need to carry out investigations in addition to perhaps investigating whether you have a relative symptomless bladder infection. However, you have previously studied young women like you with this problem. Occasionally you can detect an "uneasy bladder" or "overactive bladder". This means that the bladder suddenly retracts without prior notice so that the urination starts before the person can reach the toilet. However, if such a condition is present with you, you should also find that your urge of urination is often tender, that is, you are "forced" to run toward a toilet, even when you're not laughing.

The textbooks mention that laughter incontinence has a similar resemblance to some conditions where a person experiences a strong muscle relaxation with powerful emotions. It has been considered whether the woman with laughter incontinence gets a temporary relaxation, almost paralysis, of her closure muscle, which causes incontinence.

There are good chances that the problem will decrease as time passes. It is advisable to use bladder-relaxing medicine, which often has a number of side effects. Such substances are especially used for people with overactive bladder, but in my experience it may help only half. Back is only advisable to empty your bladder more often, at least prior to such situations where you know it usually happens. And I can read that you have just tried something in that direction, but no one can predict that now they will soon have a riot! Therefore, I can only suggest that you practice squeezing when you laugh.

Get well soon.

Yours sincerely

Poul Chr. Frimodt-M?ller

Specialist in urology.

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