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I'm drowsy when I dance - what do I do?


I'm a 30-year-old who has a problem that most people will consider to be a luxury problem, but it's a big problem for my well-being and my quality of life. I started dancing the salsa half a year ago. In this regard, I feel that my hair is dry and my clothes are similar, I put myself on a chair, it is wet!

Why in the world does it take me like that in situations where others just sweat a bit? Is there anything to do - is it possible. some anti-inflammatory that can be used when I dance.

Everyday, the sweat problem has a slightly different character, "I'm" wet "with wet hands and toes - a problem I had from one day to the other like 18-19 years old, and which I feel is mentally conditioned.

In hopes of being taken seriously - thanks in advance.


You begin to sweat when your body temperature rises and that is what happens through physical activity such as when you dance salsa If you are emotionally affected, it may also give rise to increased sweating, and it might be a contributing reason that you just sweat when dancing salsa - especially if you do not have experience that other forms of physical exercise give the same pronounced sweating. If you are worried about sweating, it may in itself cause you to sweat - and you get into a vicious circle.

Finally, certain diseases may in some cases cause a general increase in sweating and may, for example, seen by diabetes or by high metabolism. Therefore, you should consult your own doctor who may investigate you for any. underlying disease as a cause of increased sweating.

Increased sweating in palms and soles of the feet is most commonly seen in younger patients, and in this form of increased sweating, An increased metabolism may be the cause. But most of the cases are found

no explanation of the condition.

There are preparations containing aluminum chloride hexahydrate that are effective in the treatment of sweating in the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet and in the armpits. The preparation is available for purchase at the pharmacy. Iontophorese is another treatment option. Hands and feet are placed in a vessel with a saline solution and a weak current is added. This treatment typically takes place in a skin care department or at a practicing dermatologist and it will often be possible to borrow the device for home treatment.

Surgical treatment of violent hand saws is also used but reserved for the completely invalidating cases. There are so-called anticholinergic tablets that can be used in pronounced sweating. They are effective in some, but many times this treatment should be given due to the side effects of the tablets.

Ulla S?derberg, Specialist in Dermatology.

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