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I'm flat and it's painful when I run


I'm a girl in almost 14 years. I'm flatfoot and have had a lot of trouble with it for a long time. I get very quickly in my feet when I'm out to go. They can really dunk after a short walk of 1000 meters. And after a while, I've also started to really get my knees down. Especially when I run. And it's really painful. I love running, so it's really bad that I can not really run anymore. How can that be?

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It is very important that your own doctor may refer you to an orthopedic surgeon who is a physician specializing in feet and persons with flat foot. It is very important that you get the guidance in your age so that the problem does not go on to your knees, hips and thighs due to a malfunction. It may be useful to wear footwear with good support under the foot. Alternatively, you can reduce the discomfort by using shoe inserts that distribute the load over the entire soles of the foot.

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Alexandra Gheorghe, doctor.

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