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I'm getting throbbing headaches after fitness training


Dear health-root,

I almost always get a throbbing headache after fitness training. It is time-dependent and intensity-dependent, ie. the longer and the higher the intensity, eg running, the greater the risk and the worse the headache becomes.

I've always had this trend, but it's gotten worse over the years. I am aware of warming up (also in the upper body) and partly drinking water during the activity (about 1 liter during 50 minutes of training). I have just been to the doctor in a second connection and measured the blood pressure to 110/70. I'm also in good shape and have been playing sports and exercise continuously since the teens.

Do you have any suggestions on what it may be and how to prevent / prevent the headache?

Yours sincerely



Dear H,

There may be many reasons for this from tension in the neck, problems in the neck vertebrae, etc. for more serious reasons. It is completely impossible to decide without investigation. You can possibly. ask your doctor to refer you to a neurologist who may be the right place - if your doctor can not find any reason for yourself.

Immediately I would have guessed that you got too little fluid, but it does not matter. your letter.

Another possibility is that you suffer from so-called benign strain-triggered headache. It is a form of headache that comes after physical exertion. This type of headache can be prevented by taking indomethacin before you practice sports.

However, it is important first to rule out that there are no other reasons for your headache. Therefore, as you said, you should be investigated either by your own doctor or by a neurologist. If they conclude that you have an exercise-induced headache, they can give you a recipe for the aforementioned remedy.

Yours sincerely

Hans Gad Johansen,

orthopedic surgeon

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