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I'm going to have beta blockers, what's that?


I must now have beta blockers, what is it and how does it work?

I have a pre-chamber flicker for several hours at a time. I am in treatment and I am set for surgery, but there is 10 months' waiting time. It is very uncomfortable to have heartburn. I am most interested in knowing what the medicine is called beta blocker can do for me?


You write that you have rhythm disturbances at heart in the form of a chamber lamb, which is. an inappropriate rapid irregular contraction of the chambers. All in all, the heart as a pump does not work satisfactorily.

You are now awaiting an operational response to the problem and should then be treated with a so-called beta blocker.

Beta blockers are a large group of medical products that are used extensively for the treatment of high blood pressure and heart rhythm disturbances.

The products are called beta blockers because this medicine affects the heart sensors, which are called beta. Blocking these sensors achieves the desired effect - in your case on the abnormal rhythm of your chambers.

Many people manage their life through a beta blocker and thus maintain a normal heartbeat.

Beta blockers have been used for many years, but as with other medicines, there are side effects (slow heart rate, low blood pressure, cold fingers and toes), but the side effects generally must be considered modest and are usually accepted by the many people who use beta blockers throughout their life.


Hans Ole Svendsen, specialist in general medicine

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