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I'm gonna be irritated annually - am I gay?


I'm a 31 man who has a problem: I'm very excited about being annoyed. I have never felt attracted to one of the same sexes. Is it normal that they like a heterosexual man. I'm somehow well-prepared about my sexuality but feel that girls are not interested in satisfying my anal desires and have therefore been on the beach and bathe naked after which I have had a man to satisfy me with tongue and finger without having the slightest desire to return.

Thus: Is it normal for a man to want anal stimulation and are you homosexual if you have these lusts; I have never felt attracted to a man nor felt an interest in a man model in a magazine.


Your desire to be stimulated anonymously divides you with many others, both girls and men. The area around the anus belongs to the so-called erogenous zones, which upon stimulation can give sexual sensation. There is a difference between person to person in which zones it is best to get stimulated. Many tend to imagine that especially anal stimulation has to do with homosexuality. Many homosexuals also enjoy stimulation here, but there are also many others who do.

You do not have to be gay because you want to be stimulated anonymously. But there is a possibility that you close your eyes to sit in yourself when you claim you do not want a man at all. After all, after stimulation of a man, you have experienced your anal sexual desire. Are you afraid to acknowledge that you also contain pages that target men? Something suggests that you give them without knowing and have acknowledged their existence.

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