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I'm having trouble sinking while I'm in pain in the breast region


Dear Network Doctor

I am a 70-year-old woman, and I usually only go to a doctor when there is something specific - a broken ankle, appendicitis and the rose within the last 2 years - but I'm a little worried about what may be in the way with me. Occasionally I get hurt in the connection between esophagus and stomach - or I think that's where the evil is slightly cramped in the breast region. Normally it helps to drink or eat something. I just worry that sometimes I wake up at night and feel sorry. Lately, I have also had a strange symptom - if it hangs together, I do not know, but I always get something wrong in my throat when I eat or drink, so it's a bit uncomfortable when I'm with others because I have to cough a lot to cope with what has been lost in the trachea. I make every effort to prevent it, but it rarely succeeds. Can doctors give a soothing response?

Sincerely, one asks


Dear Questions

What you're saying is that you have trouble sinking while having a stern chest and waking up at night. You locate it yourself for the connection between esophagus and stomach ache, and I think that's right. There is probably a constriction here or an inflammation, where it is characteristic that it is going to hurt when you lie down (horizontal) where the acidic stomach content can get into the esophagus and irritate. When at the same time tends to get something wrong in the throat and must help on the syncope of drinking, it confirms the suspicion that there is a narrowing in the lower part of the esophagus.

A so-called gastroscopy should be done very quickly, ie a binoculars examination, where you can make a precise diagnosis for treatment. It will not be advisable just to start treatment based on the symptoms, as you have not found the actual cause for them. With your age in mind, the binocular examination is thus absolutely necessary - and, by the way, is not very unpleasant anymore. You get local anesthetized, and the actual bin (binoculars) has gradually become very thin (and the doctors are very routine).


Dennis Raahave, Dr. Med.

Specialist, gastrointestinal diseases

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