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I'm in doubt if I'm a girl or a boy


Dear network doctor

I have always been a girlfriend. I've always been in big clothes, had short hair, had boyfriends, played football, played wildly and called myself for boys names. I hate being called for my maiden name and now that I have been in puberty and have had menstruation and so it has really become very difficult.

I always tie my breasts in, wear boys clothes and have now cut my hair even shorter. I was for a long time sure that I was "female to male", but I have suddenly taken tight pants on, makeup and the weather just so bad. I can not control it.

I want to get the attention of the boys, but still be wild and be a boy at all. I am very confused and sometimes do not know what to do on my own, and I am really angry with everything and smash everything. I sometimes get a flip where I get extremely violent. Sometimes I let it go beyond my mother and sister sister because I'm jealous of being perfect and right, sometimes I let it go beyond my friends because they are boys.

I want to get rid of my pigment, but at the same time I have a bad conscience to throw it out and take my mother's "daughter" from her. I have repeatedly tried suicide, but have never accomplished it because I never saw a man.

I am extremely confused by how far I am a boy or girl. How can I figure it out? Hope you know it.

Greetings one asks


Dear asks

It seems that you are a little doubted about your gender identity, ie if you think of yourself as a boy or a girl. Of course, this is evident in your behavior, so that sometimes you are very boy and sometimes very angry.

For a young person of your age, it is not at all abnormal to have it. Establishing gender identity can be difficult and take several years. But relax, time is working for you and you'll probably figure it out.

It's quite nice that you write to the mailbox and ask and you need to talk to someone about it, yes, I suggest calling the Boys and Lesbians Association - they have a so-called "youth phone" that's like The name says, addresses young people. You will find the number and details at the bottom of the link here: ///raadgivning/

I think you will be happy to talk to someone about it, because I feel like you go and tumble with it yourself and when it gets too much you get angry and "turn off". You are also writing about suicide attempts and the fact that you have attempted suicide tells you something about how difficult the situation is for you so it will be great if you get help and someone to talk to.

Good luck with that.

Yours sincerely

Hans M?rch

specialist in psychiatry.

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