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I'm incredibly easy to tears, what can it be?


Dear Network Doctor

I'm incredibly easy to tears and can not stop them when they squeeze a little. I usually cry when I have to tell myself about a frustration or a challenge and especially if I've even hurt myself. It may be, I cry at the least criticism of a colleague or friend. All employee conversations cry I know, even though I only get positive criticism. In addition, I threaten TV and movies. I'm not easy to cry when things do not concern myself and neither are they crying most at funerals and the like. I think it has become a social problem for me, as I avoid all conversations that concern me and frustrations. I have been afraid of criticism and confrontation since I do not want to cry and thereby "destroy" the meaning of what I want to say. In addition, people are so surprised when I cry, because I'm otherwise a strong and cheerful girl. Do I use cry instead of anger? Is there stress? Is it self-confidence? Are the old scars in the soul, which I do not even know I have? Hope for a response that can help me understand and possibly. Act.

Sincerely, one asks


Dear asks

You write and tell you that you are very easy to cry. You are increasingly experiencing a social problem and there are situations you avoid for fear of crying. I need some information about whether you have other symptoms - such as anxiety. Your information that it is a social problem and that you have evasive behavior makes me think if you might suffer from social phobia.

Social phobia is an anxiety disorder where anxiety occurs in social situations. Self-esteem is often bad and the patient is afraid of criticism. Often there are bodily symptoms during anxiety attacks, such as redness, fear of throwing up or peeing in the pants. The patient will often realize that the condition is unfounded, that is, there is no reason to be afraid and to experience that the disorder is socially limiting. Can not you recognize these symptoms?

You ask if you use cry instead of anger, or whether it's stress, self-esteem or old that's in the soul. I can not answer that because I do not know your story well or know if you're feeling stressed. However, I can say that there are generally reasonable options for treating anxiety disorders - some are treated with medicine, others with cognitive behavioral therapy and some with a combination of the two. I refer to your GP for a discussion of treatment options.

Yours sincerely

Hans M?rch Jensen

Specialist in psychiatry

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