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I'm more or less always cold!



As far as I can see in your discussion forum, I'm not the only one with this problem, but it still does not look like there are any answers to it. It may sound banal, but my problem is that I'm always, or very often, cold. Not just a little cold, but so much that they go beyond my work. I will think that over the past 7 months I have spent a month in bed because of it. My question is just that how can it be some are so much more susceptible to colds than others ?. Could it be because I have poor blood circulation? I have always been a "cold fish" that freezes a lot more than they flee others. Is there anything you can do to get less colds? It would really help my life to solve this problem.



Recurrent severe colds may have several reasons:

There may be chronic sinusitis, which, as time goes by, resembles a cold with a nose, mild fever, headache and possibly. cough.

There may also be allergies in the form of hay fever, which may well resemble a cold and which may be used for infections of the nose / sinuses and throat. Finally, there may be a general reduced resilience to banal viral infections that cause recurrent colds: lack of exercise, too little fresh air, stressed indoor climate as well as

the workplace as in your own home (pull, too much heat / cold, dust, humidity, etc.), smoking, and finally the diet plays a major role (daily fresh fruit, vegetables, varied diet).

Finally, a number of deficiencies can give a reduced resilience (iron deficiency, lack of vitamin B12, etc.). These deficiencies can be detected by a blood test.

The term "bad blood circulation" usually does not belong in your age range, but reserved for a condition of atherosclerosis usually in the older age group.

I also note that you have a relatively high consumption of pinex (paracetamol) that is likely to be seen in relation to your colds and for this reason it is also highly relevant that you get rid of your recurrent colds.

I would therefore suggest you to contact your own doctor and discuss the above reasons for your problems and refer to a laboratory examination.

Yours sincerely

Hans Ole Svendsen

Specialist in general medicine

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