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I'm only 161 cm tall and would like to be higher - what are my options?


Dear Network Doctor

I am a young man of 23 years with a height of 161 cm tall. I quickly developed around the age of 11-12, and was actually, in a transition, above the high grade average in my class. Unfortunately, it did not continue.

My question is whether there is any kind of help to get from the medical world? Is surgery the only way, or can growth hormone still still give just a little extra to my height? Are there any new discoveries in the area?

In recent years, I have gone and become very frustrated at my height, and in fact, I do not actually go on a day when I do not think about it or be made aware of it through the outside world. It's hard to find men's clothes and shoes in my size and it's hard to find a girlfriend, because girls are having trouble accepting my height. At the same time, I feel difficult as a man to be "the little one".

I hope you know for a solution to my problem.

Best regards one asks


Dear asks

Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you. I do not think there's anything to get medical.

To get it definitively clarified, refer to an endocrinologist, a specialist in hormone treatment and thus an expert in this area. But it's probably too late. In your age you have been grown and, as hormones primarily affect the bones that still have active growth zones, I think this is not a solution for you.

With regard to surgery, there are some rules that say that in order to be offered an operation where the bones are extended, you must be under 148 cm. Nor is it just the happiness to be operated. The course is long ?-1 year with rabbits on the bones (or "nails" inside) and many problems and controls along the way. It also leaves big scars.

You will have to accept your height, which is also not so unusual.


Hans Gad Johannsen, specialist in orthopedic and sports surgery

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