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I'm just thinking about suicide - help me!


Dear health-root,

I'm a 33 year old woman who has found severe depression by her own doctor. Since I did not get better at dosing from 30 mg to 40 mg, the doctor would have me admitted to the psychiatric department - probably because I only thought and still think of suicide all the time. The physician at the psychiatric department felt after a 10 minute conversation that I had no depression.

Since then, I've gotten a lot worse. I go to work every day, and every day I'm crying home. All I'm thinking of is how to take my own life. I sleep most of the day away, and even in my sleep, it's about my death. I'm getting crazy! What the hell do I have to put up with this? Which of the doctors should I correct? I hope you can help me a little.

Sincerely V


Dear asks:

You tell that your GP has found that you have severe depression and therefore have begun treating you with antidepressant medicine - here citalopram. Due to insufficient effect, you are then increased in doses from 30 to 40 mg daily. Since you had many thoughts of suicide, your GP suggested that you be hospitalized, but after a short period of time you were hospitalized because you did not mean that you were depressed. Since the printout, you've gotten worse, you cry a lot, sleep a lot and think of suicide.

You are obviously deceived as you have received 2 opposing medical assessments: One believes you are depressed, the other does not think you are depressed. Obviously, it's hard for me to decide whether you're depressed or not without seeing you in my consultation, but if your GP believes you're depressed, his assessment is probably not entirely wrong, especially if you've had it same practitioner for several years. Your doctor has printed Citalopram for you, but I miss information about how long you have been treated. Starting treatment may take several weeks before full effect.

However, as you describe your situation, it does not sound quite durable if you have to wait a few weeks for further effect of the medical treatment. You have urgent thoughts about suicide, and you must definitely take it seriously! I would suggest that you speak with your GP to be admitted again, both mhp. diagnostic investigation (ie, get clear if you are depressed or not) and screening (ie, make sure you do not commit suicide).

I notice that you write that you sleep a lot. The majority of patients with depression say that they sleep less and worse than normal. I think if you might suffer from what is referred to as "atypical depression" where patients often sleep more than usual. The atypical depression differs somewhat from the typical depression (hence the name) and may therefore be a little harder to "spot", which may be the reason for the discussion of whether you are depressed or not.

My main message to you, however, is this: Fat courage! You must not commit suicide at all. If you suffer from depression you should know that by far, the vast majority of depression can be treated. However, this may mean having to be admitted to a psychiatric department and receive medical treatment, conversations and perhaps ECT (electro-shock treatment). The latter is the most effective treatment - and at the same time the treatment with the fastest insertion effect. I hope that there will be clarity about your suffering and that you will soon get better.

Yours sincerely

Hans M?rch Jensen

Specialist in psychiatry

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