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I'm small - can i do anything to get higher?


Dear Alexandra.

I am 13 years and about 155 centimeters high. I think I'm very small, and my friends often say I'm very small. I'm quite annoyed that they keep mentioning my height. I got my menstruation in the 5th grade and I got breasts very early. In addition, I got kisses over here a little over half a year ago. My dad says it has stopped my growth, can it be right?

I'm really sorry for my height and it does not make any difference when everyone says that high girls are much nicer than little girls. Can I not do anything to get higher?

Greetings the sad girl.

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Dear the sad girl,

It's a shame that you are so sad at your height, because you have a completely normal height. So clean, I do not want to worry. The growth of a human being varies and depends, among other things, on genes, foods and diseases. You can often look at their parents and see about how high you can expect to be. Your kiss illness six months ago has hardly made you not reach your final height or made your growth stand out so I will not spend time thinking about it. There are many who like short girls. But you have a normal height. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to get higher. You can eat healthy and regularly, be physically active and think that you still have years where you grow. I do not know who says high girls are much nicer than little girls, but I think maybe you should think if it's something you really think and just be proud of the height you have. Keep in mind that there are probably many tall girls who wish they had your height.

Mvh Alexandra Gheorghe, Doctor

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