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I'm so nervous before I go to school that I'm throwing up


When I go to school, do sports, or in the city, I always get a lot of butterflies in my stomach, it may not sound so bad, but I refrain from taking care of myself as I throw it back if I try.

Even before I go to school eg. I throw up as soon as the breakfast comes on the table. If I'm going to football, I'm so nervous that I can not eat anything again, all day long. I go all the time and tell myself that I do not have to be nervous, because I know that Ike is something to be nervous about, but it does not help.

I am so tired of not being able to perform properly at school because of the lack of breakfast. But the butterflies in my stomach come when I'm just outside the house...!


I think your problems are related to the disease called social phobia.

Social phobia is a state where you are overly afraid of criticism and the like from other people, which means that you isolate yourself and avoid the situations you fear. Often you have very low self-esteem, may be afraid of blushing in different situations or shaking your hands, having vomiting or urination. Sometimes there may even be actual anxiety attacks, as you can see from the disease called panic disorder. The disease must have been on for a long time and there is a sliding transition from social phobia to more common embarrassment. What is crucial is that if the condition results in a lot of things you can not, as you would like, possibly. impairing one's ability to practice sports or to attend an education or similar, then one must denote it as an ill-health condition that one should try to get help to do something about.

One has only been aware of the disease for quite a short time, but of course it has always existed. In the past, you have just been inclined to feel it in general feeling and perceive it as a condition that you have to learn to live with, but undoubtedly has led to the fact that many people have not taken advantage of the skills they really have. That's what's sad about this state. It often affects sensitive, gifted and creative people who are then prevented from unfolding because of their anxiety. At the same time, it also affects people who place very high demands on themselves, requirements that are so large that they do not have a chance to live up to them and it may be a bit of what you suffer.

The disease can be treated with both conversations or medical. There are so difficult and debilitating conditions that you do not get beyond medical treatment. Regardless of the type of treatment you choose, it may feel like a whole new life when you suddenly become able to do a lot of things that you have previously been afraid to do or who have given one different physical symptoms.

Therefore, I would recommend you to talk to your own doctor about it and then refer to psychiatrists who can handle both conversations and medicine. Another option is a reference to a psychologist or, if you are a student, to turn to Student Advice, which is also used to dealing with such problems.

You can read more about it in an excellent book written by psychologist Esben Hougaard. It is called "Cognitive Treatment of Anxiety and Panic", and appeared at Dansk Psykologisk Forlag.


Poul Videbech


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