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I'm struggling with pain in my knee


Hi Network Doctor.

I've been fighting my knee for some time now.

It started with extreme pain, on the inside of the knee, outside and just below the knee skull, which came and went a bit as it suited.

I have not fallen earlier and hit my knee so violently that something happened. Well, I will go to the doctor after a year, and they will forward me to an MR scan.

It shows I have a large fluid collection over the knee skull. But they can not see that something else would fail on this scan. I'm told I'm going to physics for 3 months. And if it's not improved, I'll come back. (To the sports clinic) the problem is just that since then it's only got worse.

I train without weight, bike, and do not care it will not be overloaded! But I'm so sorry, especially when I get home and it's calm.

What can it be? When they could not see anything wrong with the MRI scan? Just add to the told me I have skull knee skulls and he quickly mentioned that it could have something to do with it. What would you do about it?

Sincerely. one asks


Dear asks

It may sound a bit like you have a "wrong load" on your knee scale.

Such a strain may well cause a lot of pain in the knee. It's just not that often it directly gives a "big fluid gathering". But now I do not know exactly what is meant by "big" in this context. A few may also benefit from a post in the shoes.

A "blank" MR scan is not 100% guarantee that there is no injury in the knee but close to.

If you really follow a scheduled exercise program and you do not have effect after several months, it is reasonable to get a review of your knee.

Yours sincerely

Specialist in orthopedics and sports surgery

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