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I'm stuck in a cold marriage. Shall I divorce?


I do not know if I'm going to divorce. We have 2 lovely children, so I have always said that I would fight to stay together for their sake. We have been fighting for many years now, and I think it's a shame for the children we are scolding like that. I have a stomach every day, I come home from work because he is always angry with something. We have no sex life and have not had it for years.

We have tried to be a psychologist, but neither did it help. I thought it's a hard decision to just divorce, but how far should you go? Do you have any tips? I thought my forces are getting up, I only think it's me fighting and not him, he just tells me all the time, what I'm doing wrong or he's tired of my job and more. What would you think I could do?

Many greet a woman in love.


Dear "woman in love". You are not as much as you are as you write to me. You are tired of your husband and he is tired of you. You are probably also angry and not very affectionate. You are sorry for your quarrels and you know that it is not good for the children to grow up with two sour adults who shout at each other. You're afraid to get out of marriage and there's nothing strange in. You've lived together for 16 years. Therefore, you must go with small steps.

Find yourself a place to live where you can have the kids, not long from their companions and their school, as their daily lives should not be changed. Explain to your husband when you have found out that you want to live alone with the children for 1/2 year and that it is in fact a separation, but without mixing the county into it. You have been separated for years, when you have not lived together. Because after all, you are so uncertain that you are writing to me, so I think you should give yourself this opportunity, so you do not rush as you regret later. I have seen that people who have moved apart blossom up and suddenly can also see the positive sides of the other party.

It worries me that you have a stomach ache. Have a conversation with your doctor about it. It's probably psychic, but you can also fail something else.

Yours sincerely, Karen Zimsen

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