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I'm suffering from acid reflux


Dear Network Doctor

I have had some acid reflux and have just had a gastroscopy, but nothing found abnormal. I got a tooth out 3 weeks ago, and has since been burning with burning sensation in the tongue, throat and left side of the breast. In addition, it feels like I can not breathe when it happens. I have been to the dentist 2 times since, the first time I got a pencil if there was some inflammation the second time I opened the wound because it did not greet properly. What do you think the burning sensation may be that is so uncomfortable that I feel I'm getting stumble?

Sincerely, a Question


Dear Questions

No, it's certainly not nice with the burning sensation, due to your stomach acid running back into the esophagus (reflux) and irritating the mucous membrane. That the problem has become worse after the dental extraction, I think is completely random. If you try to avoid intake of things that are very acid-provoking - tobacco, alcohol, coffee, fruit juice, fatty and spicy foods - you may experience a recovery, as well as some acid neutralizing agents in handcuffs that relieve the genes when they have arisen. In case of heartburn, do not lie down as it worsens the genes. You must not use oxygen-neutralizing agents for a long time without talking to your doctor - he / she may. prescribe really anti-inflammatory drugs. The burning sensation in itself does not indicate anything dangerous - but it is important to alleviate the symptoms, as too much acid in the long run can lead to esophagus or gastric ulcers. Good luck!

Yours sincerely

Anne Pedersen,

Specialist Dentist, Dr. odont.

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