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I'm suffering from tendons - is there anything to do?


I suffer from tendon nodes on the wrist surface. I have been operated one away but unfortunately there was just a new one next to it. My doctor tried to suck it out, which partially succeeded, but after a 14 day time one came again. It actually bothered me because it's pretty big and hurts. I can probably have it sucked too - but I'm convinced that there's just a new one. I work with PC mice and have also switched to a pen mouse - but actually came the knot at a time when I went home and suited children. I have tried a wristwatch but it did not help either. My question now is whether I really should find myself in these nodes or if something can be done.




Dear Lene

Late nuts are a kind of protrusions that are connected to the tendons (there may be exceptions). You see them beneath the skin, but most often they have a thin stem that goes into depth. When you manually remove the knots, you must have this stalk with the restored knot. This stalk can be very hard to see and sometimes it does not quite succeed. Even though everything is removed carefully, up to 20 percent of the knots can be returned.

The nodes as such are quite innocent and if they do not sit so they push and cause discomfort, you do not need to remove them. It's a little hard to say why they come. Sometimes they are obviously related to the person having a work with repeated movements, but sometimes you have none


Often the knot will be relatively small in the morning and something bigger in the evening. This is because you use the muscles / tendons, thus creating more "lubricant" around the tendons and it is this viscous fluid there

penetrates the tendon bud.

You can suck the fluid out as you have tried, but generally the knot will return again. If you are very bothered by the knot, I think you should try a new operation that is likely to be done in local anesthesia.


Hans Gad Johannsen, orthopedic

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