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I'm tired all the time


I have heard that some people lack vitamin D and that they are therefore tired all the time. I'm tired all the time, no matter how much I sleep! I can sleep for several hours, wake up and still be tired. I think it's a real problem and I would ask if you think it might be because I'm missing vitamin D? Do you think I should talk to my doctor? I think it's really annoying to get up everyday to be mega tired. I really hope you will answer me!

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It is true that fatigue can be due to vitamin D deficiency, but fatigue can be due to many different causes like vitamin D deficiency can give symptoms other than fatigue.

In the absence of vitamin D, insufficient calcium is absorbed in the bones and teeth. This makes the bones "soft" and in children, emalije defects can be seen in the teeth.

A precursor to vitamin D is formed in the skin when it is affected by sun rays. The precursor is then transformed into the liver and kidneys. A small amount of vitamin D is given through the diet. Sometimes it may be difficult in the Scandinavian countries to obtain enough vitamin D from the sun rays.

Lighter grades of vitamin D are frequent, especially also among the elderly who also eat a one-sided diet. It is also quite frequent that girls who are completely covered and not really affected by the sun's rays can also develop lighter degrees of vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D in the diet is found in eggs, fatty fish, butter, cheese and milk. I know too little about you to tell you if your fatigue is due to vitamin D deficiency. I think you should talk to a school nurse and tell you about your fatigue. You can talk about your diet and exercise habits, menstrual cycle, sleep, stress, etc.

Good luck.

Alexandra Gheorghe, doctor.

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