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I'm tired all the time, how do I find energy to enjoy life after work?


Dear network doctor

I am writing to you because I have no energy. I come from Brazil and have lived in Denmark for 6 years. Since I moved here I have been constantly sick and tired. I have always worked a lot now, as a nurse and teacher. Ie that I have about 10 hours of work a day.

I try as often as possible to get out and meet people. I'm in a "personal development group" where I'm together every Thursday. I also work as a volunteer, and I enjoy it a lot. The problem is that I'm not energy for much more than that.

In the last couple of months I have slept about 10 hours a day, even if you say it's not a good idea, I just can not help because I'm just tired!

I go to the nursing children almost everyday so I get a lot of fresh air. We dance and play a lot, so it's not because I'm missing exercise. I eat green and fruit and when I remember it (about 2 times a week) I take a vitamin pill. I want energy to enjoy life.

My life has been a lot of work, work and more work. I want energy to also enjoy life after 16:45 when the children go home to their parents.

I hope you can help me because I really need it :)

Thank you very much in advance

Greetings one asks


Dear asks

The first thought that immediately hits me when I read your question is that you are stressed!

The disease activity you describe from moving to Denmark may be related to the fact that you are now meeting another climate and environment, but a number of microorganisms that have hitherto been unknown to you. That way, you can say that your immune system is like a child, and you therefore want it easier to "capture" everything.

With a time span of 6 years, one can assume that the explanation lies in the peaceful end of the spectrum, and disease is hardly the background. Unfortunately, you do not tell how long your fatigue has been present, but you briefly describe a daily life that contains a lot of tasks. Tasks that not only require your physical presence, but largely a psychological commitment. You can hold a lot of things for a while, and you can give a lot of yourself, but at one point you will need a break where you can pull the plug out and give yourself time for peace and relaxation. It seems like you're having trouble finding time for it in your daily life. As a typical symptom of this, you clearly state that it's your spare time that is distressing because you use your strength on the tasks to be done.

I think you should talk to your doctor about this. Obviously, it is important to know that there is no physical disease for your problems. There may be metabolic disorders, vitamin deficiencies (of which you can only test for a few types!), Iron deficiency, etc. - Now you do not write how old you are, but you could also consider menopause as a contributing factor.

Morten Svenning Nielsen

Specialist in general medicine

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