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I'm tired all the time. What should I do?


Hi Network Doctor.

It is such that I suffer from unbearable fatigue and have done it for the last many years.

You get a little background to better understand what I'm fighting: I've been confronted with 2 different doctors with my problem, several times since I was 12 years old. I have been taking blood samples, have had an allergy test and then I have been treated for sleep apnea. Since I do not suffer from dust, I always end up with the answer; It's probably psychic.

Fair enough, I'm suffering from anxiety and I've been doing it for some years now. I've always been very aware of my anxiety and been very rational about it. I agree to go to a psychiatrist, and despite the fact that the fear has never affected my life, we agreed that I should start sertralin, it might be that it would help.

My fatigue has not gotten worse or better with this treatment. I have previously treated my dust energy with alm. antihistamine and subsequently with some non-sedative antihistamine, without any actual effect.

My fatigue: I get up in the morning and feel tired, once in a while it's so fierce that I'm completely cryful just by exhaustion. I am struggling to get ready for school, it must be passed. When I get into the bus, it takes just a couple of minutes and my tiredness will hit me like a wall, my eyes will become heavy and I'll be so relaxed in the body and that's the nicest feeling and I'd like to give it to it (my "attacks"). It's the pure torture for me to fight against fatigue, but I can not just sleep with me.

My fatigue drops to a more stable level as I get off the bus and then I'm just "tired" again as if I've slept badly. The fatigue hangs over me all day and I experience my little "seizures" a couple of times during school day, sometimes it lasts 5 minutes, other times it will be several hours. When I get these "seizures" I really have to fight to keep me awake, I close my eyes, tripping and just waiting for me to get up and go.

I have experienced that I did not dare to sit down because I was afraid to fall asleep. I sometimes feel that I have few moments of falling over, but I have never experienced that I have actually fallen over.

When I get home from school I'm still out of bed, sometimes I take a long nap in 3-4 hours +/-, sometimes I keep my watch until I go to bed.

When it's time to go to bed, I suddenly get tired of sleeping, whether I've got a nap or not, the fun is just that I'm still tired. Fortunately, it's seldom so bad that I'm lying awake until far into the night, but it may take me an hour to fall asleep. The next day it is the same again.

I go to bed between kl. 22-23 and stands up between 5.30-6.00. When I go to bed earlier than 22, I wake up at night without falling asleep again, if I go to bed after 23, I will not get up the next morning.

On holidays, I'm tired too, whether I have slept 5 hours or 12 hours and on my days off I often sleep as well during the day as well. However, I feel that I am much tired of those days - probably because I do not do anything. So I usually try to keep myself going.

My fatigue gives me difficulty in concentrating and poor memory, I forget agreements, information, I find it hard to keep track of my education and social plan. I forget things I have to say in the middle of the sentence and I get so embarrassed when I'm asked for things that I have just known a few days before.

I live with my fatigue everyday 24/7, it goes beyond all aspects of my life and I fear my future how I could finish my education? Or get me a job? Nor do I get any profits to make a family.

I do not think I get the help I need and I do not know where to go with my problem, who should I contact for clarification? And maybe some help?

In addition, you are more than welcome to advise me about what I can do to get less tired.

Sincerely. Her tired of being tired


Dear asks

Thank you for your email in which you describe an almost debilitating fatigue as well as anxiety.You have been thoroughly investigated and consulted two different doctors, but you have not found any physical reason for your fatigue and therefore concluded that it must be psychic.

You may get tired of many different reasons, and I can not point out a single explanation for your fatigue.

However, I note that you are in sertraline treatment, and fatigue is a known side effect in more than 10% of patients treated with it. However, I read that you indicate that fatigue is independent of whether you are in treatment or not. Antihistamines may also cause fatigue.

You can also get tired if iron is missing, but you have probably studied. Have you been examined for the content of vitamins in the blood?

I would suggest that you do the following: Start taking a vitamin pill every day - just buy the cheapest multivitamins at the pharmacy, Brugsen, or Matas and take one every day. Then you have to work on your sleep: go to bed at the same time every evening and get up at the same time in the morning (yes, even on weekends, I know it sounds a little boring, but that's a good strategy).

Avoid sleeping in the daytime, and it also means that you do not have to hug a little power nap on the bus. The aim is to get about 8 hours of sleep every night. In the daytime, make sure you get out and get some fresh air and touch you. Definitely try to go for a minimum of half an hour in the afternoon - like with a dog, you may borrow a neighbor or one of your friends. Then you should exercise, preferably where you get the pulse for 30-60 minutes and like 2-3 times a week.

Save on the alcohol, do not drink coffee or coke after 17:00 and avoid carbohydrates in the evening, no soda or candy. When you go to bed, the bedroom should be completely dark and cool and you should not watch TV in bed or bring the iPad to bed. It's ok to read the newspaper or a book.

All of these initiatives help you hopefully get a better sleep and wake up your day so you can keep going both at school, at home and with friends and friends. I know that there are many initiatives, but try to introduce them gradually to your everyday life, and I hope that it helps.

Good luck

Hans M?rch

Specialist in psychiatry.

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